Top Food Trends for 2018

Wondering what foods you’ll see popping up everywhere in 2018? Below I’m listing the top trends that you’ll start seeing in 2018. 

Health Conscious Treats 

Snacks are evolving and more health conscious options will be popping up everywhere.  Keep an eye out for heavily fruit and vegetable focused desserts, like baked pumpkin cheesecakes.

Focus on Meat

In 2018 there will be much more of a focus on where our food comes from and where it is sourced. Humane and sustainably sourced meats will be sharing the spotlight with some more exotic varieties like bison, goat and venison.

Earthy Flavours

Move over matcha, blue pea flour and pandan will feature heavily in 2018. Expect to see naturally coloured bright blue food and drinks from blue pea flour. Pandan will also add flavour and naturally bright green colour to dishes.

Ginger will feature heavily, as well as cardamom, juniper, sumac, saffron and orange blossom.

Rise of the Flexitarian

Following a mostly vegetarian diet and occasionally eating meat is gaining momentum. Plant power is here to stay and research shows a large increase in the popularity of ordering plant-based dishes and making primarily plant-based meals.

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